Once you have contacted us we will arrange a convenient time to visit you and discuss the work you require.
It is at this stage that we will measure the area and discuss material options and go through any ideas you may already have had.

If you are having a landscape design project we will go away and work on a design to meet your requirements and then prepare a FREE detailed, written, no obligation quotation for you, once the design and materials have been finalised.

If you are simply wanting to have a new patio, lawn etc, where a design isn't needed, we will measure the areas and go away and prepare a FREE detailed written, no obligation quotation for you.

If you want to change anything during this process then that's  no problem.

When you receive the quotation you can take as long as you need to browse it and change anything you feel you need to.

If you feel satisfied with everything within the quotation, then simply contact us through phone or email and we will arrange a time to commence the works and begin the transformation of your garden!

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